Career Options After 12th PCM

career options after 12th pcm

One of the most common career options after 12th PCM is engineering. As a result, many students cross engineering off of their list of possible subjects to take following their 12th science PCM.

Naturally, not everyone would desire to pursue that particular profession. Some students choose those disciplines out of peer pressure or just a lack of foresight, and many have been advised to pursue an engineering degree in the hopes of landing a decent career. However, the topic of what to do after taking 12th year science with PCM, if not engineering, requires an instant response.

best Carrer options after 12th pcm

Best career options after 12th pcm

Career optionEducational requirementsSalary Range (for freshers)
Engineer12th Science PCM; National Level entrance test- IIT-JEE Mains & AdvancedBITSAT, SRMJEE, etc. and State level entrance tests.Rs. 4-6 lacs per annum
Architect12th Science PCM; National Level entrance test- NATA, IIT-JEE Main Paper-2, other private examsRs. 3 to 5 lacs per annum
Commercial Pilot12th Science PCM; Min age limit-17yrs; Entrance test for PPL and CPL courses; Flying experience- 250 hrs.Rs. 10-12 lacs per annum
Naval Officer12th Science PCM; B.Tech Marine Engineering/ B.E. Mechanical Engineering/ B.Sc. Nautical Science/ Diploma in Marine Engineering (DME) and similar courses.Rs. 15-18 lacs per annum
Defence Officer (Army, Air Force, Navy)Technical (Science) and Non-technical (non-Science) entries; Entrance exams- NDA or CDSRs 12-15 LPA
Forensic Scientist12th Science PCM/Both Entrance and Merit based admissionsRs. 3 to 5 lacs per annum
StatisticianMathematics/ Economics as a core subjectRs. 5 to 7 lacs per annum
Chemist12th Science PCM/BM.Sc Chemistry & Ph.DRs 3-4 lacs per annum
Physicist12th Science PCM/BM.Sc Physics & Ph.DRs 8-9 lacs per annum

Career options after 12th PCM- Engineer


Since the dawn of time, when man created the first carts, levers, pulleys, etc., there has been engineering. In this subject, scientific concepts are creatively used to the construction or development of buildings and machinery. After the 12th PCM, it is unquestionably one of the top professional alternatives.

This field has a variety of expertise. Big Data Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Aeronautical, Aerospace, and many more professions are among the highly compensated disciplines.

B. Tech is a four-year programme, but if the student is engaged in the integrated dual-degree programme, it may last up to five years. In your chosen sector of expertise, you may work as an assistant engineer, data administrator, or analyst, for example.

Top recruiting companies

Government sector, including PWD, CPWD, SAIL, and GAIL

L&T Technology, Siemens India, Google, Microsoft, and other private companies

Salary: Depending on the hiring firm and your experience, the average salary structure is between Rs. 4-6 lacs and Rs. 15-20 lacs annually.

Additionally, see Computer Science Engineering.

Career options after 12th PCM- Architect

Building creation, design, and construction are all aspects of architecture, which is both a science and an art. It necessitates an in-depth knowledge of design, space, and technology.

In India, becoming an architect offers many employment opportunities. We live in a growing nation where demand for scientifically based beauty is great!

B. After completing the four-year Arch programme, you can work as a landscape architect, urban planner, etc.

Top Recruiting Companies

Gensler, IDEO, Frog Design, IKEA, Sanjay Puri Architects, and Abin Design Studio are some top companies which hire fresher student

Salary: After five years of experience, one may expect to earn better pay in the region of Rs. 8 – 10 Lakhs per year. One starts at Rs. 4-5 lakhs per year.

Career options after 12th PCM- Commercial Pilot

For PCM students, flying is one of the most fulfilling career paths, especially for those who aspire to physically touch the sky. Commercial pilots travel for work-related reasons.

You may fly tours, haul freight, or even fly planes that transport people from one place to another. It is a well-paying employment with the benefit of international travel.

Top recruiting companies

Spice Jet, IndiGo, Air India, and Air India Charters Ltd.

A commercial pilot may make up to 1.5 lacs per month as a new hire, and after acquiring experience, they can make between 5 and 6 lacs per month flying internationally.

Career options after 12th PCM- Civil Naval Officer

As a large portion of international trade between countries is still conducted via maritime trade routes, the maritime sector is at the centre of global linkages and the economy. The Merchant Navy, often referred to as Mercantile Marine, is in charge of transporting people and goods through waterways on board cargo ships, tankers, and cruise liners. The merchant navy is divided into four departments: stewards/hospitality, engineering, electro-technical, and deck department/navigation. For PCM students, it is one of the highest paid employment alternatives.

Top recruiting companies

Maersk, American Eagle Tanker, BSM (Bernhard Schulte Ship Management), and others.

Salary: For new hires, salaries might range from Rs. 15 to Rs. 18 lacs annually. You can make this much in a month as a Captain, too!

Career options after 12th PCM- Defence Officer (Army, Navy, Air Force)

A highly regarded and desired job route is the military. You must truly dedicate yourself to the cause of national security. As an officer, you get to live the life of your dreams since the government takes care of all your needs.

The Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy are the three primary branches under this. It provides a wide range of chances for both graduates and school dropouts with technical and non-technical entry. One of the finest job alternatives after 12th PCM is becoming a defence officer in terms of respect, pay, and the fulfilment of serving your country.

Officers are paid between Rs. 12- and Rs. 15 lakhs annually, in addition to perks and allowances, by the Government of

Career options after 12th PCM- Forensic scientist

forensic scientist

A significant influence in favor of justice and public safety continues to be forensic science. It is the use of scientific techniques to examine evidence and investigate crimes.

All investigational fields, including criminal, financial, cyber, human rights, environmental, and anti-terrorist activities, can benefit from evidence gathering, preservation, and analysis.

In both the public and private sectors, forensic scientists’ knowledge and skills are essential.

Governmental agencies including the Central Forensic Science Laboratory, the Intelligence Bureau, and the Central Bureau of Investigation also employ forensic scientists. Thus, one of the intriguing job alternatives after 12th PCM may be becoming a forensic scientist.

Salary: Forensic scientists’ annual beginning salaries typically vary from Rs. 3 to 5 lacs.

Career options after 12th PCM- Statistician

Both in India and overseas, there is a great need for statisticians and their analytical abilities. Statistics are employed in every area in today’s data-driven world, including business growth, finance, agriculture, computers & IT, health sciences, and many more. The government sector has a number of positions with high salaries as well.

The study of the gathering, examination, arrangement, and display of numerical data is known as statistics. It belongs to the mathematics field.

Economics or Mathematics must be one of the essential courses for BA/B.Sc. statistics. A statistics degree is helpful in many different industries. You can work as a data analyst, actuarial analyst, financial risk analyst, market researcher, etc. in addition to becoming a statistician.

For their expertise, statisticians are well compensated. For PCM students, it is undoubtedly one of the lucrative employment alternatives.

Top recruiting companies

Apple, Microsoft, PayPal, Pfizer, Sanofi, eBay, and others.

Salary: For starters, salaries range from Rs 6 to Rs 10 LPA.

For PCM students, there are several job choices. Some of the top career alternatives following the 12th PCM are discussed in the article above. Science has the potential to be both cruel and miraculous. Therefore, don’t limit your exploration. And let this stream to assist you in navigating the deeper seas of achievement and claim.

Career options after 12th PCM- Chemist

A scientist who is an expert in the study of chemicals, matter, and materials is called a chemist.

The expertise of a chemist is sought in practically every business, from devising sophisticated oil refining processes or essential cancer treatments to developing formulas for soaps and detergents. Another highly intriguing job path for PCM students is this one.

Biochemist, Quality Control Chemist, Oil & Petroleum Chemist, Forensic Chemist, Nuclear Chemist, Pharmacologist, Geochemist, etc. are a few of the top specialties.

Top recruiting companies

ONGC Ind., Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, and Abott Laboratories. Limited etc

Salary for starters is Rs. 3–4 lacs annually.

Career options after 12th PCM- Physicist

A scientist who studies the natural laws is known as a physicist. They are experts in comprehending all facets of matter and energy. In order to evaluate the behavior of the physical world and create predictions in line with it, physicists also study mathematical ideas. Therefore, their work is essential to how we comprehend the world. For PCM students, this is undoubtedly among the greatest job alternatives.

You need be very proficient in math and statistics to be a physicist. Consequently, physicists also make excellent data scientists or business analysts.

The following sectors, including research and development, business analytics, data science, aerospace and aeronautics, pay substantially for physicists.

Top recruiting companies

IBM, Silicon Valley Group, Lockheed & Martin Corporation, and others.

Salary: After earning their Ph.Ds., physicists may expect to make between Rs. 8 and Rs. 9 lacs annually.

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