Gravity? how does gravity work


definition of gravityGravity is the force that makes things move toward the center of a planet or other large body. All of the planets move around the sun because of the force of gravity.

Einstein’s Gravity

Albert Einstein, who won the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics, came up with a different theory of gravity in the early 1900s. Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation didn’t explain it as well as Einstein’s famous General Theory of Relativity did. Einstein thought that gravity was not a force but a change in space and time, or “the fourth dimension” time).

gravitational force

Basic physics says that if nothing else affects an object, it will always move in the straightest line. Without a force, two things that are close together will always stay close together. Never.

They talk. Particles that start out going in different directions can sometimes end up hitting each other. Newton’s theory says that this can happen because of gravity, which is a force that pulls things toward each other or toward a third thing. This is caused by gravity, which Einstein doesn’t think of as a force. Space-time curve.

Einstein thought that these objects were still moving in the straightest line, but because space-time was warped, they were now moving in a circle. So, two things that were moving along a flat plane are now moving along a spherical plane. Two straight lines that go around the sphere end at the same point.

Particles and waves are used in modern theories of gravity. One theory says that gravitons pull things toward them. Gravitons, on the other hand, have never been seen. And neither have gravitational waves, also called gravitational radiation, which is thought to be made when an object is accelerated by a force from outside it [source: Scientific American].

Gravitons or not, whatever goes up must come down. We might find out why. But until then, we can be happy knowing that the Earth won’t soon be hurtling toward the sun. Its orbit is set by gravity.

How does gravity work

gravity work in space The force of gravity is very important. Every object in space has a gravitational pull on every other object. This means that gravity affects the paths of everything in space. It is the glue that keeps galaxies together. It keeps planets in orbit. It makes it possible to use satellites made by people to go to the moon and come back from there. It makes planets able to support life by holding liquids and gases in an atmosphere. It can also cause planets to be hit by asteroids that kill life.

How Gravity Sculpted the Earth

The force of gravity is what maintains order on Earth. All matter on Earth is subject to the constant pull of gravity.

Rocks slide downward because of the same force that shapes the planets and the universe: gravity. On Earth, gravity never stops pulling things down.

When Earth was being built 4.6 billion years ago, gravity was the main architect. One’s sense of gravity will change as one goes around the planet.

Examples of these variations in gravity are Peru, with 9.764 m/s2, and the Arctic, with 9.834 m/s2. due to the fact that bulk (such as mountains) and the equatorial bulge amplify it.

 the formula for the law of gravitation

Gravitational force = (G * m1 * m2) / (d2)

Gravitational force = (G * m1 * m2) / (d2)

Examples of Gravity

-The attraction that keeps the sun’s gases in place
-The force that returns a thrown ball to the ground
-the force that keeps a car moving downhill even if the driver lets off the gas.

-The force responsible for a glass breaking when dropped
-The influence that maintains the correct placement of the planets in their orbits around the sun, including Earth
-What drives a child to the bottom of a slide?
-The driving force that keeps the moon in orbit around the planet

-The factor that maintains Jupiter’s moons’ orbital positions
-a result of the moon’s gravitational pull, which creates ocean tides.
– Gravity is the force at work when a beverage sinks to the bottom of a glass rather than floating near the rim.
– What pulls an apple off an apple tree and makes it tumble to the ground?
-Gravity is the force that keeps you from floating away into space and makes you a part of the Earth’s surface.
-The momentum that sends a pen hurtling to the floor when it rolls off your desk
that causes a sheet of paper to fall back to the ground after being carried by the wind

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