Highest paying jobs in India

highest paying jobs in india

Top 10 highest paying jobs in India

  1. Medical Professionals (Doctors and Surgeons) Healthcare offers one of the highest salary jobs in India.
  2. Data Scientist. …
  3. Machine Learning Experts. …
  4. Blockchain Developer. …
  5. Full Stack Software Developer. …
  6. Product Management. …
  7. Management Consultant. …
  8. Investment Banker.
  9. Business Analyst
  10. Chartered Accountant

Medical professional

One of the best-paying jobs in India is in health care. In the wake of the pandemic, there is a lot more need for medical professionals, so the healthcare industry is growing a lot. Indian doctors and surgeons make a lot of money. Their salaries depend on their specialties, such as dentistry, pharmacy, or optometry, or their fields, such as healthcare administration, nursing and medical assistant, home health aide, etc.

Medical professionals usually prescribe medicines, give treatments, look at a patient’s symptoms and figure out what’s wrong with them, work with nurses and other health experts, look at medical test results, and so on.

The average salary for a doctor or nurse in India is about 10 lakhs per year. More than 25% of experts in health care make around 20 lakhs per year. The average salary for a general physician is $6,992,142 LPA, and the average salary for a general surgeon is $11,593,833 LPA.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is a relatively new job that pays well and has a lot of perks. It is one of the best-paying jobs in India. LinkedIn is right when it says that being a data scientist is “the most promising career.” A data scientist collects, analyses, and makes sense of a company’s huge amounts of data. Data scientists can make a lot of money in India if they have a strong background in computer science, programming, mathematics, statistics, and analytics. Consider getting a Data Science Certification from Simplilearn or IBM if you want to get into this lucrative field and get the attention of the best hiring managers. After you finish this course, you can get the best jobs in India.

The average salary for a data scientist in India is 11,00,000. This makes it one of the best-paying jobs in the country. Data scientists with a lot of experience can make as much as 60–70 lakhs per year.

Machine Learning Expert.

The field of artificial intelligence (AI), known as machine learning (ML), has seen a meteoric rise to prominence in recent years. The field of artificial intelligence and machine learning is expected to grow rapidly over the coming years, making it one of the highest-paying occupations in India. Experts in machine learning conduct statistical studies and design machine learning (ML) software and algorithms for use in commercial settings. Discover the fundamentals of machine learning and equip yourself with the knowledge and experience necessary to land the greatest jobs in India.

In India, a machine learning engineer can expect to make a median annual salary of $728,724. Earnings for engineers with less than one year of experience average $501,058 a year. Beginning at $698,443 a year, professionals in the middle range can make as much as $1,948,718 annually.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technology is the new buzzword that is changing things like how money is exchanged, how people connect to the internet, how data is secured, and how data is handled. Both the private and public sectors are using blockchain technology to cut out middlemen, cut costs, speed up, and reach more people. There aren’t enough experts in blockchain development in India to keep up with the demand for people who can oversee and manage blockchain applications.

Blockchain developers can be engineers or IT professionals with a strong background in computer science, math, and/or statistics. The best jobs in India are in blockchain technology.

In India, blockchain developers make an average of 8,01,938 per year. Pros with a lot of experience can make up to 45 LPA.

Software Developer

Software developers, including full-stack developers, are in high demand, and it is known that they have one of the best-paying jobs in India. Full-stack developers know how to build both the front end and the back end of a piece of software or a website. They start from scratch and build a website. Because of this, the job is one of the best-paid in India. If you have a Bachelor’s in IT or Computer Science, you can take an online specialization in Full Stack Development to build and strengthen your prospects as a Full Stack expert.

Beginners in full-stack development can make an average of 375,000 per year, while mid-level developers with 1–4 years of experience can make as much as 553,000 per year, and experts with 5–9 years of experience can make 1,375,000 per year. One of the best jobs in India is as a full-stack developer.

Product Management

Product design, development, and management are quickly becoming some of India’s most important industries. The Product Manager is a key position in charge of making strategy, marketing, defining features, and making predictions about products. Product managers need to have an eye for details and know a lot about how product development fits into the organization’s goals. Getting a certification in product management can help you become an expert and give you access to the best jobs in India.

In India, the average salary for a product manager is Rs 14,40,000 per year. Beginners can make about 7–8 LPA, while workers with more experience can make about 17–26 LPA.

Management Consultant

Management consultants are hired to assist businesses in resolving issues, increasing efficiency, and expanding to their full potential. They focus on the management, structure, and strategy of the company.

It is possible to enter the in-demand sector of management consulting with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, finance, accounting, or management and further study at the master’s level. Gaining an MBA will allow you to compete for the top jobs in India.

Management consultants in India earn a median annual compensation of about 11,49,770 LPA. Consultants with less experience might expect to make between 17 and 26 LPA each year.

Investment Banker

Investment banking is one of the best-paid jobs in India and the world as a whole. It involves helping clients invest their money wisely to get the best return on investment. Investment banking is the right career for you if you know a lot about money and like to host financial services.

Average Pay: Between 4 and 40 LPA

10–12 LPA is the starting pay scale.

Investment bankers with mid-level experience and more than 30 LPAs

Business Analyst

The position of a business analyst is extremely popular in India. A business analyst’s job is to assess an organization’s efficiency by looking at its internal structures, procedures, and models of operation. They aid in decision-making and increase company productivity. Making a living as a business analyst in India is one of the best options available.

A business analyst’s annual salary in India ranges between 3.0 lakhs and 16.0 lakhs. In fact, it’s one of the top occupations in India because the salary rises with experience.

Business analysts in India can expect to earn a median annual salary of $77,500.

Chartered Accountant

Every sector needs chartered accountants (CAS) since they act as financial consultants and advise clients on effective money management. CAS is in high demand and one of the highest-paying professions in India.

Graduates in commerce must pass the CA exam administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), New Delhi, in order to practice as a CA.

Chartered accountant pay ranges from 6-7 LPA (depending on experience and expertise) to 30 LPA or more. One of the top careers in India is chartered accountant, which pays an average income of $789,396.

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